120 minutes Hot pot drink with New Year's party all-course pot course 9 items 5000 yen

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It is the content of the course with the pot which can be selected for the first banquet in 2018!


"Course content"

■ mustard potato salad

■ Market direct baking sashimi platter

■ Tataki of a morning ground

■ fried sweet potatoes and salad with spinach

Fried eggplant meat Miso sauce

■ Charcoal grilling of ground ground peach grilled

■ Wagyu beef pork or domestic pig's leek shabu-shabu hotpot

■ Champa or cooked dishes

■ Today's dessert

* Some contents may be changed due to weather and purchase convenience

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    • Expiration date
      Until the end of January 2018